Yamaha's new MT-07 twin is 655cc of raw excitement built specifically for the Australian learner market, claiming the lightest weight and best power-to-weight ratio in its class. The latest MT..

NSW riders are still coming to grips with the details of legalised lane filtering. The NSW Motorcycle Alliance ( has produced this video to explain it. L..

The commissioner of Victoria’s so-called safety cameras has been accused of a “lack of statistical literacy” and of vilifying motorcyclists in his latest report on speed camera opera..

West Coast Honda has been awarded the brand's Dealer of the Year trophy, the northern Perth-based outlet topping the nation's Honda shops in a system that measures customer service ratings, market..



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It’s time to give something back to the many people out there who make motorcycle  travel more enjoyable for us. We here at Australian Road Rider and Cruiser+Trike are doing our bit by creating the annual ARR/C+T Australian Motorcycle Tourism Award...





Benelli TreK 1130 Amazonas

Among the Amazons, breast surgery didn’t mean inserting silicone pads. It meant removing one so you could use a bow without it getting in the way. Tough women, in every way. Is the Benelli Amazonas a tough bike?

My name is Stuart and I am not unstable

What do you do if you pull up at the fuel bowser and there is nothing but E10 available? Or what do you if you don't ride your bike too often and risk having stale fuel? Yamalube Fuel Stabiliser and Conditioner Plus (distributed by Yamaha) is the answer.

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