We're not sure whether to salute, laugh or cry. The Japanese air force has celebrated its 60th anniversary by buzzing around a car park on scooters with wings. The comical display was just par..

Australian motorcycle regulations have moved another step closer to aligning with the rest of the world after the federal government today announced it will drop the unique specifications demanded..

"Given the benefits of bikes, governments should be making it easier for them, not harder," says one of Australia's new federal senators, David Leyonhjelm, who has already begun agitating for law ..

Vote for Australian Road Rider in the magazine industry's prestigious awards for great cover design, the Maggies! ARR has made the finals of the Maggies, the only motorcycle magazine to have done ..



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It’s time to give something back to the many people out there who make motorcycle  travel more enjoyable for us. We here at Australian Road Rider and Cruiser+Trike are doing our bit by creating the annual ARR/C+T Australian Motorcycle Tourism Award...





Honda VRF1200F

The sex appeal of the Honda VFR1200F lies in its engineering...

My name is Stuart and I am not unstable

What do you do if you pull up at the fuel bowser and there is nothing but E10 available? Or what do you if you don't ride your bike too often and risk having stale fuel? Yamalube Fuel Stabiliser and Conditioner Plus (distributed by Yamaha) is the answer.

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